Thursday, 8 March 2012

Vintage Pyjamas

I was given a box of 'vintage' fabric from my friends mum. Awesome!!! My first project was to make Mr 3 some winter PJs. I made them quite big in the hope they will last two winters. Don't you just love the vintage cowboy print! And the flannette was still so fluffy and soft too.

The top of the PJs was my first try at sewing knit fabric. Man was it easy!! This raglan sleeve pattern is a raw style. The seams are on the outside and the hems are raw. I love it. My boy seems to as well, wanting to wear them to bed that night, even though it's still relatively summery at night.

I love it that he's excited about home sewn clothes. I know it won't last forever, but I'm making the most of it for now. He asked me just yesterday to make him some winter pants. Ay ay captain! Off to make some sweat pants for kindy!! When does sewing clothes become more expensive than buying them? I was pretty shocked at the price of sweat material... I'm hoping to get two or three items out of the piece I bought.

Next challenge is some pirate clothes for his 4th birthday in a month. I'm quite excited about making them. I've got fabric for a tee, waist coat and pants. I'll also make a waist tie and a head scarf.

Happy sewing!

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