Sunday, 27 May 2012

To market, to market

I've finally booked myself and my sewing into a craft market in Orewa. The market is on every fortnight and I've booked for August 4th. I figure that's far enough out for me to sew lots of stock to take with me. I'm quite excited. 

Anyway I will need an apron to keep my money, notebook, pen etc... in while the market is on, so I did  a bit of googling and got some ideas. My fave was a pair of old jeans that someone made into an apron. 

When I cut up all my old jeans for my tshirt quilt, I kept the top bits, that I didn't use so I didn't have to go op shopping again, I could get straight into my project. 

Into my sewing room I headed and sketched out what I was going to do. 

I decided I'd need quite a few pockets, one with a zip for money and I really liked the idea of the waist tie, running through the belt loops. 

The front pockets of my jeans cutoff were in tact. Score. More pockets. 

I used a lot of scraps of fabric for the hidden pockets on the inside (see above) The stripy on holds my notebook and pen, the zipped pocket has my money and even has a pocket behind it. 

Then I used some pretty funky flowers fabric for my front big pocket and blue gingham for the strap and edges. My mum gave me a bag of lace a while back and I decided to use some of that for the bottom, just for a little bit of 'pretty'.  

And this is how it turned out. What do you think? I love it. Lots of pockets for money and phone and notebooks etc..... Now I've got the back of the jeans to make into something. FUN!!! 

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Have a great day

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