Friday, 17 February 2012


Welcome to my new blog dedicated to all things crafty. I've read so many first blogs from crafty ladies who say having daughters got them into sewing... well I'm no different. I have always loved all crafts (including sewing) but suddenly I just can't stop making little girls things, it's an addiction (I'm taking medication - ha).

I keep thinking of new things I want to sew that my list is getting ridiculously long and my house is getting seriously neglected.

I decided to start a little teeny tiny business to sell a few of the extra things I'm making and to earn a little bit of money to makes ends meet (and so I can afford to buy a few bits of fabric here and there). Check out Zealous Design on facebook!

Since I've started sewing madly, my son keeps asking me to make him things too. So far he has shorts, trousers and a superman cape and next I thought I'd make him some winter PJ pants.

I've also been trying to declutter my wardrobe and didn't have the heart to throw away all my old tees that have so many cool memories (but just don't fit anymore), so I decided to make a quilt (kinda like Bella's mum on Twilight) using my tees on one side and old jeans on the other. I'm having so much fun. I'll post pictures as I go. For now, here is the pic of all my denim squares cut out. I used the cardboard square as my template.

It's meant to be summer here in New Zealand, but I'm feeling seriously ripped off this year... it just won't stop raining... grrr... oh well I guess that means more sewing time :-)

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  1. Very cool. So glad you've started this blog. Can't wait to follow along and see what you get up to :)