Sunday, 4 August 2013

Cottage Mama Pattern Release ~ Skip and Play Pants

Check out these awesome pants by The Cottage Mama's. I couldn't wait to start these cuties, I just love the unique trims. There are so many ruffle pant patterns out these but these Skip and Play Pants/Capri are just adorable and the detailed trims, cuffs and buttons make it a must buy.

It was hard to chose fabric as I wanted the pants warm enough for winter so I chose corduroy again, even though so many of my cute quilted fabrics were begging me to use them. I'll definitely be making these again in spring as capri, so they will get their chance :-)

One of my favourite aspects of these pants are the lean leg. My daughter doesn't trip over the fabric like so many of her wide leg ruffle pants. 

And check out just how adorable the ruffles and cuffs are. Not only are they cute but they are actually very easy to make. 

And just to prove how easy they are to 'skip and play' in, my daughter decided to climb trees and run along the beach at top speed. 

To purchase Skip and Play Pants in PDF form, visit The Cottage Mama's etsy store!
To purchase the pants/capris in New Zealand, contact me at Zealous Design.

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