Thursday, 15 August 2013

Playhouse renovation - the arrival

It's arrived. It's arrived!!!!!

The Zealous Family playhouse! We picked it up from another local family whose children have grown too big for it now. I did hear a rumour that the 16 year old couldn't watch her childhood playhouse being taken away - poor sweetie. 

My children are super excited to start playing in it, but first Daddy needs to find a safe place for it and Mummy.... well she has big 'renovation' plans for it. For the last week I've been adding lots of ideas to pinterest and so far I'm thinking it needs a plain paint job inside (the inside is wooden and tired) and some fun bright coloured furnishing!

At the moment the little house is resting on the trailer, taunting the kids.

I'll be posting the renovation pictures as I complete the playhouse this summer! Feel free to show me your playhouse makeover or give me your awesome ideas :-) 

Until then
Brenda :-) 

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