Sunday, 25 August 2013

Playhouse Renovation - moving into location

The day arrived for us to move the playhouse into it's permanent location so what does the weather do? It rains like never before, thunder and lightening rent the sky and our section turns into a bog... but despite the open heavens our friends still came out to help with the job. 

In order for the playhouse to be in the best spot, we had to move the entire sandpit... Like one of those tile puzzles we had to work out which order to move sand and where to put it so we could move the sandpit itself and all without our trailer which was carefully balancing our playhouse :-) 

The sand was moved into a wheel barrow, then onto this blue tarp then into the new sandpit location under the deck... the kids LOVED having the sand to spread over a huge area and push it around with their diggers. 

And I felt like I had been to the gym after shovelling sand all day :-) Bonus! 

The final location is pretty cool, it's under our deck which will give sun protection and hopefully it won't get so wet every time it rains. Check check :-) 

My hubby got busy building a foundation for the playhouse so we were all ready when our friends came over to help. He's such a handy man.

There was some pretty intense discussions on how to get the playhouse off the trailer. I was the photographer so I only got a small sense of how heavy the house actually was. It took 6 strong dudes though with some kids giving moral support. 

It all seemed to go pretty smooth from where I stood.

And look at the cutie cutie little house, doesn't it look adorable. I can't wait to get in there and start cleaning it out and decorating... my brain has been whirring with ideas for weeks. 

Thanks for stopping by. The playhouse renovation series will continue over spring/summer. 

Now where am I going to hang my washing? (we had to move the washing line out of the way)... 

Brenda :-) 

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